Sunday, January 31, 2010

Borough Markets, London

For our first Saturday morning in London I dragged Hussyband off to the Borough Markets near London Bridge Tube, the home of Market Kitchen for Lifestyle Food lovers back in Oz.

We started off at the first hot food stall we came across, all of ten feet into the pavilion. Northfield Meat - one of the best bacon, egg & onion rolls I have ever had, washed down with a cup of piping hot mulled wine from Bedales just next door.

The plan of attack on this occasion was to wander, sample, and feast our eyes. I was very well behaved and managed not to buy anything to take home with us (as we had a big day planned!)

We sampled gorgeous Bramley Apple juices (highlight was the Apple and Beetroot - crazy but delicious), amazing prosciutto and jamon, marveled at the meats and poultry, especially the wild birds and hares that were hung still clothed in their personal finery, or nekkid and ready to cook for those who dont want to know what their dinner looked like.

There were cheeses as far as the eye could see, more importantly, raw milk cheeses which we have major issues with sourcing in Oz. I overcame my fear of blue's by trying an amazing Stilton, as well as some washed rinds, bries and cheddars. Only downside to the cheese tasting is it was so
bloody cold couldn't really get a good feel for their potential gooey-ness!

We bided a while by the New Forest Cider stall, where as well as sampling their cold ciders (yummmm) we had a pint each of hot mulled cider. The guv' likes his women a little dirty, so I had to humor him with a few words that made his ears go pink and a giggle escaped his hirsuit lips. he cant wait to meet the woman who taught me everything I know *evil grin*.

We continued our wanderings, sampling a very tasty chorizo and roasted capsicum roll, and eyeing off all sorts of goodies from cakes and fudges to sides of pork and piles of mushies and asparagus. Everything is marked with where it was sourced from so you can ensure you are buying in season and local.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, so many things to try and not sure where to start. Will have to draw a map and cross each shop off as I go I think! Looking forward to going back in the next week or two with a shopping basket and no Hussyband in tow to stop me from buying things...but he wont really mind as long as I bring him back black and white puddings and bacon.

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Fiona Wadsworth said...

Sounds like heaven. Pick some good spots so you can take us there when we arrive in June or before we leave in July. Fiona Wadsworth

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