Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waxy O'Connors - If A Tree Fell In The Forest....

Waxy O'Connors is an awesome Irish styled theme pub between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square in London. It is full of rabbit warrens of small rooms and booths, 2 bars, live music (at times), many stairs, and a bloody great big tree in the middle of it. It also has a smaller sister pub across the road, appropriately named Waxy's Little Sister.

Food is served all day, and the booze on offer is quite varied and well priced. I am finally starting to not convert everything back to Aussie it does seem well priced OK!

On this occasion, we settled into a booth in the lower bar and Hussyband rustled us up some booze - a glass of house red for me, and a pint of Caffrey's for his Lordship. A quick perusal of the menu had him licking his chops at the All Day Breakfast (grilled pork sausages, Clonakilty black and white pudding, potato cake, grilled tomato, poached egg and soda bread - £7.40), while I was feeling a bit vego and went for the Baked Goats Cheese (sauteed spinach, red onion and goats cheese in a filo pastry parcel, served with roasted peppers and Ballymaloe Relish - £7.50).

Hussyband was very quiet whilst demolishing is plate, which is a sure sign that it ticks all his boxes. The small bit of bacon I snatched was gorgeous - crispy, salty and full of flavor, and teh soda bread was served with salted butter was dense and delicious.

My plate was awesome - rich, savour, and the relish was amazing. It was so good I could only eat half of it before giving up as was also HUGE. Came with a much needed side salad with a tart dressing that cut through the goats cheese very nicely.

Will definitely be back there soon...

Waxy O'Connors
14-16 Rupert Street
London, W1D 6DD
020 7287 0255

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