Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lets Start At The Very Beginning

Every good story involves a quest. My quest begins with a journey, a voyage across the skys and over oceans, through unknown lands - one hot, humid, wet the other arid, sandy and well, still hot. Then at last I will land on the other side of the ocean in a country that seems to pride itself on fast foods, prepackaged meals and a kitchen that needs some serious work (and gadgets!)

This quest will take me through the backstreets of London in search of great produce, through the dingiest pubs I can find looking for ciders and real ales, and then to explore the bars and restaurants throughout Europe from the scariest kebab joint to 3-star Michelin dining rooms of excellence.

This journey will start in 20 days on January 20th 2010. Stay Tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck! It sounds like you'll have a lot of fun! :D

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