Monday, April 5, 2010

Fondue in France

Hussyband and I are currently ensconced in Belle-Plagne
View Larger Map in the Rhone Alps, surrounded by chocolate box vistas of snowy mountains and sugar coated trees.

Also the sounds of children screaming....but we avoid those by the time honored tradition of going into a pub. Apres Ski is my sport of choice this holiday, I like my limbs in one piece thank you very much.

But, after a hard afternoon of snowboarding, Hussyband gets hungry. This is aided by the liberal application of happy hour booze. Then of course, we need food to soak up the booze and this led us on a fondue adventure of epic proportions. Not that we had far to go mind you, just the serving was fricking HUGE.

BestManMatt booked a table for the 3 of us at Bistro de la Cloche, a lovelly little place across from the pub we were funding. Everywhere up here seems to serve the same sort of fare, with little variation except for the prices.

We ordered the 3 cheese fondue with all the trimmings - jambon, salamis, sausages, frittes and salad. I cannot begin to say how awesome and cheesey this was....and then about halfway through the richness kicked in, and my feeding frenzy started to wane...I turned to the salad and pickled onions and cornichons between bites, but even that wasnt enough to stop the balloon that was growing in my belly.

We couldnt finish it. It was amazing, delicious, rich, gooey and did I mention rich? We stumbled back up the hill to our chalet and collapsed on lounges in a food coma that can only be likened to drinking way too much booze. But we hadnt, not really.

Consider that we ARE at 2000mtrs above sea level, that the air is thin, and one glass of booze is the equivalent to 2 back at normal level....would I do it again? Not this trip! I am now also avoiding raclette - there is only so much melted cheese one can eat in a week (and this is coming from me!)....but I do have a lovely stash of cheese in the fridge for cocktail hour and it will be consumed with gay abandon and rivers of red wine.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Sounds like you are having an absolute ball! How truly fabulous! :D I do love fondue -all of that melted cheese is a good source of errmm... calcium right? That's my story anyway :P

AussieFoodie said...

Hey Lorraine - we had a total blast in France. I can almost say that I am over cheese and foie grois...almost.

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